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Password Vault Installation Help

Last Updated a year ago

Installation Troubleshooting, from time to time problems may accrue while installing.

  1. File or Folder write permissions
  2. Missing PHP Modules
  3. Session Timeout errors

The installer is a 6-step process that involves PHP Sessions, each step will add and remove sessions as completed. If this process is stopped for an extended length of time the session will expire and setup will fail. If this happens you must start over. The installer will not allow missing PHP Modules and will stop. However, if File or Folder write permissions are not set correctly the process will continue and will display the code for the following files.

  • db-config.php
  • public-key.php
  • private-key.php
  • password-hash.php
  • install.lock

The db-config.php file contains your database connection information, the public-key.php, private-key.php and password-hash.php files each contain 1024 random character keys. And the install.lock file is used to tell the system that the database is installed, and you have a working connection to it.

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